Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The longest running UFO

As you all know by now I am on a mission to complete all my UFO's.  when I started this on April 1st I had seven UFO,s and now I am down to two.  The longest running one is for my sister Pat, a queen size ocean wave quilt.  Sister Pat picked the colors, tan and white.  I know boring right?.  I made the mistake of deciding to use 2inch finished HST for the quilt.
Here is some of the 1,860 HST I need for the quilt

Here is the first block done.  Now I must tell you that all these HST had the white sewed on backwards.  I ripped them out and redid them and did not work on the quilt for another six months
I have gotten over my HST trauma and am liking how this looks, very simple and elegant.  I have one row done, five more to go, I hope to have it done by the end of summer.  I was going to link this up with WIP Wednesday but Lee, At Freshly Pieced isn't having it today.