Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For Hastings the Corgi

I do more than quilt, believe it or not,  I also enjoy machine embroidery.  Sister Barbara has Corgi's.  Now if you do not know about Corgis they are a small, about 12 -14 inches tall, dog bred to herd cows in Wales.  They can be heelers, nipping at the heels to make the cow go, or headers, nipping at the nose to make the cow turn.  So imagine this small dog chasing these BIG cows, now imagine the personality that these guys have to have!!!!  My sis LOVES her dogs.  She used to have three - Whimsey, Watson and Hastings.  Sadly we lost Whimsey recently and as you dog lovers know that is not an easy loss to get over.  Several Christmas' ago I made towel for the two dogs they had then.  At Christmas Barbara asked for one for Hastings.  I have finally gotten it done and it is winging its way to them.