Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hearts For Leslie

Here is my finished quilt from the pattern Heartstring designed by Gail Yakos . The sample quilt has been hanging in the shop (Creation Station) for a while and I always admired it and wanted to make it.  They offered a class using this pattern so I jumped at the chance to finally make it.  I super sized the pattern adding a extra row of hearts and making the borders bigger and am so pleased with how it turned out.  This quilt is for a very special women, Leslie Nelson of Sterling Silver Stable,  Leslie came forward and helped me at a difficult time in my life, for no other reason than I had helped someone she knew.   There have not been very many people, other than my family, who have stepped forward to help me when I needed it.  She held my hand, counseled me, cryed and laughed with me.  She continues to be a strong presence in my life including me in a world I adore.  I want Leslie to understand how much her caring meant and means to me. This quilt is just a small thank you to a wonderful and caring women.  Leslie, this is for you and all you do.