Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quilt of Valor

I had a goal in 2012 to make 6 Quilts of  Valor and to volunteer long arm 6 quilts.  I did get the 6 done on the long arm but only made 4 tops as life got in the way.  My goal this month is to get my UFO's done and the two Quilt of Valor tops were on the top of the list. This quilt came off the long arm three days ago and today was finally calm enough for me to get pictures (it has been very windy here).  This is a pattern Sister Sue's thought up.  I bought a half yard bundle from the line Yankee Doodle Bear and added a few other fabrics and was able to get two quilts out of it.  The quilting is in my favorite bubble pattern.  Should get this mailed out to the recipient in a few days.
and the label
and the presentation case