Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Quilters Legacy

Do you ever wonder what happens when a quilter is no longer around to quilt.  All that fabric, tools and tops, her legacy gone.  My brother in law, Brian, mother was a quilter, I never knew this until after she had passed.  I had the distinct pleasure of being given several quilt tops, some squares yet to be made into tops and some fabric.  These sat around my sewing room for several months while I pondered what to do with them.  There were two finished wall hangings that were beautiful.  This wonderful women really knew her craft.  The first top, a lovely sampler wall hanging I quilted and gave to Brian for Christmas.  The second one, a smaller paper pieced wall hanging, I just finished and sent off.  I was so pleased and touched to see the pleasure and emotion on Brian's face when I gave him the quilt at Christmas.  The knowledge that I was able to give him a little piece of his mom made that Christmas so special for me.  He hung the top in his music room and told my sister " he loves having his mom smiling down at him with a touch of love from you".  I just want Brian to know what a privilege it has been to carry on his mothers quilting legacy.

This is the top I just finished.

The above quilt is the one I gave him for Christmas