Monday, November 3, 2014

Baby Quilts

I have been a bit of lost since finishing up Betty's projects (that last a whole hour). What to do what to do, can't buy new fabric as I made a vow to use up what I had so rummaging around my fabric stash seemed the best bet. 
I found some baby fabric that I purchased years ago, so after gathering a few bits and pieces of other fabric, these two quilts were born. I think they turned out really cute And will go on our Etsy shop, CrazyBirdsStudio.

When I first started making quilts all I did was baby quilts.  Friends were having kids, they were fast and easy to quilt on my machine.  I have only made two baby quilts in the last 10 years but bought baby themed fabric on sale "just in case".  In keeping with my plan to use up fabric baby quilts are here for a bit.  This is the next one being assembled.